Clan MacNab Society International

Timor Omnis Abesto

Prayer for passing Chiefship of Clan
16 March, 2013

Today and together,
we have celebrated the life and work of
James Charles Macnab of Macnab,
twenty-third Chief of the Clan.

The symbols of his service and leadership
have been borne by his grandsons
from the Church to this ancient place;
so that with love and respect
we may deposit James’s Bonnet along with his ashes;
and so that with confidence and loyalty we may entrust
the Chief’s Badge and Pennon to the new Clan Chief.

James William Archibald, Macnab of Macnab,
receive these emblems of your office
as twenty-fourth Chief of the Clan Macnab.
Bear them with pride, and in humility, as befits your calling.
May God go with you; and let all fear be absent